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What is
Direct Primary Care?

What makes Direct Primary Care different?

Essentially what DPC represents, at its core, is a long-lasting, ongoing connection with your primary care physician, because of which you can confide in your physician, believe what he or she tells you, and know that they are deeply involved in maintaining and promoting your health and well-being.


In a more practical sense, Direct Primary Care offers a host of other benefits. DPC practices have much smaller patient panels, so appointment availability is dramatically improved, and you can also email, text or call your physician. Billing is simple and transparent – no more trying to sort out confusing codes and multiple bills, statements, and EOB’s. By eliminating the complexity and distractions associated with insurance billing, we can eliminate the external tension that can intrude on the doctor-patient relationship.


With greatly enhanced access to your physician, onsite x-rays and pharmacy, and availability of both primary care and urgent care services, at Dunwoody DPC we can make your healthcare personalized for you and focused on you.

“The defining element of Direct Primary Care is an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider.”


-Direct Primary Care Coalition

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