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Looking for an exceptional healthcare experience?



Our goal is to restore the traditional doctor-patient relationship by entirely avoiding the pitfalls of what has become “traditional” medicine. 


Founded by local physician Casey Locarnini, M.D., Dunwoody Direct Primary Care (Dunwoody DPC for short) is committed to being the ultimate location for exceptional primary care in the Dunwoody area.

A Personal Relationship
With Your Doctor
Without The “Middle Man”

Because we are a Direct Primary Care Practice, we’re able to spend much more time with you at your visit, or whenever you need it.  Visits will never seem rushed, and we will strive to carefully address all your questions and concerns.  In addition to in-person clinic or telemedicine visits, Dr. Loc will be available to you via phone, text, or email, including evenings and weekends.  It’s all about what works for you.  And since we don’t accept insurance, we won’t waste any of your time discussing co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles!

Patients love it, doctors love it, and we think you will too!

Doctor and Patient

What can Dunwoody DPC offer you?

An Experienced & Attentive Doctor

During his many years in Urgent Care, many of you have asked Dr. Locarnini if he would be their Primary Care physician.  Dunwoody DPC is the answer to your requests.

With 30 years of experience, Dr. Loc will continue to provide the same compassionate attention to all your healthcare needs


Included with Membership

Transparency is the hallmark of a Direct Primary Care practice. Your monthly membership includes virtually unlimited access to your doctor, annual age- and gender- specific physical exams and labs, and most in-office tests and procedures.  No more copays, no hidden costs.  Other than your monthly subscription, you’ll never receive a bill!

Escape From Insurance Frustrations

Are you tired of insurance companies getting in the way of your healthcare? We are too.  At Dunwoody DPC, the Direct Primary Care model allows medicine to be practiced the way it should be.

Discounted Labs & Imaging

Routine labs and all onsite X-rays are included with your membership.  We also offer access to more advanced labs and imaging (CT Scans/MRI’s) at a dramatic discount compared to big-box, hospital- and insurance-based pricing.

Greatly Enhanced Access

You’ll have greatly expanded access to your physician through whatever avenue works best for you.  In-person office visits, telemedicine, phone calls, emails, texting – Dunwoody DPC offers freedom of communication.  This way, we can utilize modern technology to enhance traditional care, but not to replace it. 

Discount Pharmacy

At Dunwoody DPC, we offer the convenience of dispensing common medications onsite at a steep discount.   We can truly offer one-stop shopping for many of your healthcare needs!

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